In short, this blog is about affordable, easy hi-fi for beginners. It also serves to document my journey through the world of audio, as I my self am still something of a novice. From this, I hope that my readers can learn along with me as I offer advice and opinions based on what i’ve experienced so far. Future articles will include reviews of equipment and recordings, and other opinions and rants about audio/video or whatever else I feel is relevant.

Why “hifi hipster” ? Well, I wouldn’t consider myself part of the Williamsburg set. My musical tastes lean mostly towards 80s & early 90s indie, and classical music. I chose “hipster” because hi-fi needs to shake it’s image as a dying hobby for obsessive old farts with mortgages and mid-life crises. You don’t need to be bourgeois or anal-retentive to enjoy good music with great sound. I believe that the comeback has begun, hell, even Best Buy has started selling some vinyl records. So with this blog, I feel I can inspire people to get into audio.

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